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The Modern Day Solution for Battery Fires
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What is Pyrotack?

Lithium-ion battery-induced fires in the waste stream result in annual damages exceeding $1.2 billion in the United States and Canada alone, posing a grave threat to recycling facilities, communities, and the environment.


At Nexstera Tech, we are pioneering the realm of material detection and differentiation using radar technology. Our flagship product, Pyrotack, empowers waste collection companies to identify batteries within curbside bins before they are emptied, enabling them to proactively eliminate this risk.


The Pyrotack dual radar system seamlessly attaches to robotic waste hauler arms, providing instantaneous scans of recycling bins at the curbside and accurately detecting the presence of lithium-ion batteries. It offers speed, safety, durability, and, thanks to our advanced Machine Learning algorithm, exceptional precision. By preventing fires at the source, Pyrotack ensures worry-free waste management for you.


Explore Nexstera Tech, where we're transforming material distinction through innovative radar detection systems. While our journey begins in the waste industry, our solutions are poised to deliver unparalleled precision, efficiency, and safety in various applications. 


With state-of-the-art technology and a team dedicated to creating a safer, more sustainable world, Business Entrepreneur Penny Lane Case, Computer Science Engineer Kylene Landenberger, and Mechanical Engineer Stefany James are committed to advancing the industry, and reshaping the future of data collection. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the Nexstera difference.

Who Are We?

"Lithium-ion batteries pose an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to recycling facilities." 

Hilary Gans

Principal Engineer and Operations Manager at RethinkWaste


872 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


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